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    Feb. 19, 2018
Hauptgebäude des Rathauses und das Bürgercenter. Links befindet sich ein Teil der Grünfläche des Rathausvorplatzes.

Stadt Kaiserslautern
Stadtverwaltung Rathaus

Willy-Brandt-Platz 1
67657 Kaiserslautern
Telefon: +49 631 365-0
Telefax: +49 631 365-2553


The City of Kaiserslautern (Stadt Kaiserslautern) is a corporation under public law.
It is represented by the Lord Mayor Dr Klaus Weichel.

Its value added tax identification number according Section 27a of the German VAT Tax Act is:
DE 148641057


Responsible for content according to Section 6 German Interstate Agreement on Media Services (MDStV):

Stadtverwaltung Kaiserslautern
Referat Organisationsmanagement

Represented by:

Christina Horak
Telefon: 0631 365-4146
Telefax: 0631 365-1107
Hanni Beck
Telefon: 0631 365-2332
Telefax: 0631 365-1107



The City of Kaiserslautern is keen to ensure the accuracy and timeliness of all information and data contained in these web pages.

A liability or guarantee for the currentness, correctness and completeness of information provided by us is excluded.

This especially applies to all other websites which are accessed via a hyperlink. The city of Kaiserslautern is likewise not responsible for the content of sites accessed via such links.

The city of Kaiserslautern reserves the right to perform changes or additions to the information provided without notice.

The content of the city of Kaiserslautern's pages are protected by copyright. Duplication of information and/or data, and particularly the use of texts, text excerpts or any pictures or images (even in modified form) require the prior written consent of the city of Kaiserslautern.

German law applies exclusively with regard to any information and/or data, its use and any action, toleration or omission connected to the websites of the city of Kaiserslautern.

The place of performance and jurisdiction is Kaiserslautern.



Legal Validity of Electronic Communications

According to Section 3a of the German Administrative Procedure Act (VwVfG) the transfer of electronic documents is allowed, insofar as the recipient provides access for this purpose. Kaiserslautern City Council has provided such access and operates a virtual mailroom in accordance with the principles of electronic communication.

The email address given in the legal notice or other email addresses given on this website, especially in the Bürgerservice (citizen's advice) section, are not open for the transmission of electronic documents, unless otherwise provided for in individual cases which are appropriately identified as such.

Elektronische Kommunikation


Data Privacy Statement

1. Collection and Processing of http Protocol Data

When you visit our website and every time a file is retrieved, our web server collects protocol information about these processes (e.g. browser type, date and time of the retrieval). This is not deemed to be personal data. Thus, we are not able to assign the data captured to a specific person.

All of this information is used by us for statistical purposes only. We do not disclose such information to third parties. We do not link this data with other data.

2. Use of Personal Data

Personal data will only be collected by us and only to the extent that you provide us with your information. In particular, the use of personal data for the purposes of market research and the design of our services is performed only if you have expressly given your consent.

You will always retain the right to withdraw the permission you have granted.

Indications as to the purposes of processing such data are given at the corresponding points on our website, and are not subject to subsequent change.

We will not transfer the data to third parties without your consent, unless we are legally obliged to do.

3. Newsletter

If you would like to subscribe to our newsletter, we require, in addition to your email address, confirmation that you are the owner of the email address and that you agree to receive the newsletter. This information is collected only for the purpose of being able to send you the newsletter and to document our authorization to do so. There is no transfer of data to third parties. Ordering the newsletter and your consent to the storage of your email address may be revoked at any time.

4. Use of Cookies

Cookies are data sets sent from the web server to the user's web browser and saved for later retrieval. You may choose whether cookies are collected by setting your browser up in such a way that you will be informed before a cookie is saved, in which case storage occurs only when you explicitly accept this.

We use cookies only for the purpose of obtaining information about the use of our website and for statistical purposes.

Our cookies contain the following data sets:

The records do not contain any personal information. There is no merging of them with any personal data you have provided.

5. Right to Information

You always have the right to obtain information about the data stored about you, including its origin and the recipients of your data and the purpose of any data processing. Your request should be sent in writing or by email to our addresses listed above.

This data privacy statement applies only to the content on our servers and does not include websites linked via our site.

6. About us

This is the data privacy statement of the Kaiserslautern City Council. If you have any questions about this data privacy statement, please feel free to contact us (or, if applicable, our data protection officer, Mr Wildt) directly by post or email.


Parts of the image material used with permission from view - die agentur, Anna Wojtas (FVM) and  PIXELIO - .

Main building of the Town Hall and the Citizens Center. To the left is a part of the green area of ​​the Town Hall forecourt. © Kaiserslautern
© Kaiserslautern
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Main building of the Town Hall and the Citizens Center. To the left is a part of the green area of ​​the Town Hall forecourt. © Kaiserslautern
© Kaiserslautern
You can send us your suggestions, questions or ideas with our contact form.
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